WVTESOL Spring Conference

Salem-Teikyo University

Saturday 17 April 1999

Print this page, complete it, and send it to the address noted at the bottom.
There will be two basic types of sessions: 1/2 hour "lecture/discussion" sessions for reports on research, "lessons that worked" or "field reports" on what is happening in ESOL in your particular geographical area or on issues in your area of interest (K-12, Higher Education, or Adult Education and Literacy). The second type of session is for "Workshops" and "Panels" which will be allotted 70 minutes.

WVTESOL Spring Conference

Salem-Teikyo University

Saturday 17 April 1999

Call for Proposals


Proposal Information

Presentation Format (Check One):

_____ Lecture and Discussion (20 min. lecture, 10 min. discussion)

_____ Workshop (70 min.)

_____ Panel (70 min.)

_____ Open Discussion (30 min.)

_____ Other (please explain)

Intended Audience(s):

_____ K-12

_____ Higher Education

_____ Adult Education & Literacy

Title (10 or fewer words):


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Presenter Information

Name of First Presenter:


School/Institutional Affiliation:


Contact Address:






Name of Second Presenter:


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If necessary, please include additional presenter information on the back of this page.


Summary & Abstract: On a separate 81/2 by 11 sheet, please include the title, a summary (of not more than 30 words) and an abstract (of not more than 200 words) of your presentation.

Do not include a name on the Summary & Abstract page.

Please send completed forms to Dara Shaw, P.O. Box 6297, Eiesland Hall, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26506-6297, or fax to: (304) 293 8642.

Deadline for receipt of proposals is 15 March 1999.

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