A Listserv for Students
and Teachers of ESL
in West Virginia
West Virginia has many ESL professionals at the college and university level. More and more West Virginia teachers at all levels have students whose native language is not English. According to the West Virginia Department of Education home pages, 10,954 teachers in West Virginia now have e-mail through wvnet. Many more no doubt have e-mail accounts with private internet providers.

As a way of providing these teachers with the means to communicate with their peers throughout the state, the WVESL-L listserv has been created. Through WVESL-L, ESL students, professionals and teachers in every corner of the mountain state, wherever e-mail is available, can communicate quickly with like-minded members to suggest strategies, solve problems and provide each other with support. By subscribing to WVESL-L, you will become part of a professional network of students, teachers, and ESL professionals across the state.

While some listservs overtax their members with large volumes of daily mail, WVESL-L is primarily intended as a support service for teachers and, thus, is not expected to carry a high volume of daily messages. Through WVESL-L, students, professionals, and teachers no matter what their level; primary, secondary, collegiate or university, can consult each other about problems they are having or anticipate having, give each other advice or just share their successes and accomplishments.

To subscribe to WVESL-L, send the message "subscribe WVESL-L" followed by your first and last names to the following e-mail address: <listserv@wvnvm.wvnet.edu> or send a message to the WVESL-L list owner, Jerry Bicknell <jbicknell@wvu.edu> asking to be added to the list.



A Listserv for
K-12 Teachers
in West Virginia
West Virginia K-12 Discussion List (WVK-12-L) is a vehicle for teachers throughout the state of West Virginia to discuss issues related to instruction and classroom management.Since the list is not moderated, users are expected to use appropriate netiquette and to limit discussions to problems or areas of interest related to teaching in kindergarten through grade twelve. Your list owners are Anita Nedeff <anedeff@access2.mountain.net> and Jerry Bicknell <jbicknel@wvu.edu>. Please, feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions, problems or suggestions.

-AN & JB

To subscribe to WVK-12-L, send the message "subscribe WVK-12-L" followed by your FirstName and your LastName to the following e-mail address: <listserv@wvnvm.wvnet.edu> or send a message to the WVESL-L list owners, Jerry Bicknell <jbicknell@wvu.edu> or Anita Nedeff <anedeff@access2.mountain.net> asking to be added to the list.

Alternatively, teachers can write to the owners at the address below:


Jerry Bicknell


J. Bicknell & A. Nedeff

405-A Allen Hall,
West Virginia University
Morgantown WV 26506-6122
or call (304) 293 7391.

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