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What are the benefits of becoming a paid-up member of WVTESOL?

At the WVESL Professional meeting in Charleston in the Spring of 1997, there was an almost palpable excitement in the air. Those of you who were in attendance might recall the sense of expectation and hope that accompanied the ESOL sessions. Let's capture that energy and excitement and channel it through our newly formed WVTESOL organization. We need your enthusiasm and your support. Together we can make a difference in our profession. Together, we can realize the goals that we set for ourselves.

Clark Egnor at Marshall University offers the following description of our organization and potential membership benefits:

What is WVTESOL? We are a professional organization for those who teach English as a second language. Our organization will soon apply for affiliation with the international TESOL organization. We seek to strengthen ESOL teaching, promote research and provide opportunities to share ideas among other ESOL professionals.!

Who can benefit? You can! WVTESOL is made up over 50 individual members, including ESOL and mainstream teachers, tutors, teacher trainers, teacher trainees and administrators. If you are an ESOL professional in K-12, higher education, adult education, refugee programs or business and industry, WVTESOL has something to offer you.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of belonging to WVTESOL is attending the annual conference and receiving the newsletter. At the conference, which is tentatively planned for Spring 1999 at Salem-Teikyo, you will hear a nationally prominent expert in TESOL, you will be able to browse the publishers displays, network with colleagues in our region and share your concerns and ideas about teaching ESOL.

With your membership to WVTESOL, you will receive reduced registration fees for the conferences and a valuable on-line or paper-based newsletter. The newsletter will include information about teaching activities, regional TESOL news, information about new publications for teaching ESOL, and much more.



Sponsored by WVTESOL & Salem-Teikyo University 

Keynote Speaker:

Charles Amorosino, Jr.

Executive Director of TESOL*

Conference Theme:

WVTESOL: Setting an Agenda for Action

(ESOL Issues in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Education)

Saturday, April 17, 1999, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

*For more information about our featured speaker, visit the TESOL Website at:>.
Cost for the conference is $7.00 for
WVTESOL Members and $12.00 for nonmembers.** The cost includes food and beverages: morning coffee and pastries, lunch, and afternoon cheese and punch reception.
Attendees who are not WVTESOL members may join at the time of their registration by paying the WVTESOL membership dues which are currently $15.00 a year for Professional members, and $7.00 a year for Student and Volunteer members, or by completing the WVTESOL Membership Application, and sending it by mail with a dues check payable to WVTESOL.

Now avaialable: Complete WVTESOL Conference Schedule

For more information contact:

Diane Honeman
Salem-Teikyo University
223 West Main Street
Salem, West Virginia 26426

(304) 782 5548
Fax: (304) 782 5588


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