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Counts of Flanders Castle

Above you see the castle of the counts of Flanders. This seemed a unifying image for my research interests. The counts were patrons of the monastery of St. Winnoc, and the castle was the site of the negotiations to end the War of 1812 while James Monroe was Secretary of State.


Typical courses I teach include:

  • Music History
  • Introductory surveys
  • Non-western Music
    Clickinghere will let you hear the didjeridoo, played by Keith M. Apgar '97!
  • Women in Opera
  • Senior Seminar
  • private lessons on brass instruments
  • MWC Brass

    Research Interests

    • Office of St. Winnoc
    • 13th-century motet
    • James Monroe as a Patron of Music in the Federal Period
      Clickinghere will let you hear the 1817 campaign song "Monroe is the Man," sung by Marc Williams '98!

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