MUHL 154: Non-Western Music

Instructor: Patricia P. Norwood

Office: Pollard 209; x 1961
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Course Description: A condensed introduction to non-western music, concentrating on the development of that music. The course introduces the significant features of representative pieces of diverse cultures as well as the role of music through visual and audio resources. At the end of the course the influence of the latter on American music, especially jazz, will be explored.

Course Objectives: The development of the ability to identify facets of musical style--e.g. instruments by sight and sound, and melodic and rhythmic patterns--differences in types of musical pieces, and the role of music within diverse cultures of the world.

Text: May, Elizabeth.Musics of Many Cultures. Berkeley: U. of California Press, 1983.

Course Requirements:

1. Take all tests as scheduled; no usual rescheduling. Be able to identify facets of musical style--instruments by sight and sound, and melodic, rhythmic, and formal features--and to demonstrate an understanding of the role(s) of music within different cultures.

2. Participate in class.

3. Attend three performances of classical music on campus.

4. Prepare a journal on one country/area treated in the course. This journal would include reflections about class materials as well as cultural, political, and economic developments in "your" area which you notice in TV news, magazines, and newspapers. (Higher grades will be assigned to journals that reflect activity throughout the semester.)

5. Abide by the Honor Code of the College.

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